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Character Profile
Character Profile
Name: Tara
Age: 16
Last Name: Gage
Hair Color: Long black hair with blue streaks
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Tara's is nervous around people; she was abused as a kid and only trusts her deck. She takes awhile to trust people and when she does she is very kind.
Deck: Wolf Monsters
Duel Runner design: Black looks like Crow's but without the wings.
History: She has a very bad history, she was abused since she was 5 and when she was 13 Yusei found her in Neo Domino City. He took her to Martha's and him and Crow are the only two people she will trust.
Mark of the Dragon: She has the Dragons head and tail on her left and right arm.
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Character Profile- Zoey Fudo
Name: Zoey
Age: 14
Last Name: Fudo
Hair Color: Brown with red streaks (Looks like Yuse's but instead of yellow its red)
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Zoey's very nice, she loves to duel, and she has a special bond with her deck, her brother Yusei and the other signers.
Deck: Wolf Warriors
Duel Runner design: Looks like Yusei's but with black and red not red and white.
History: During the Ener-D reactor incident, she was send to Satellite with Yusei but in different escape ponds and she was adopted by a person name Jackie who taught her how to duel and to turbo duel. But when Jackie died she had to fend for herself. Crow was the one to first find her- half starved- so he brought her to Martha's and when she was strong enough to move around and didn't have her ribs showing her went back to Jackie's house where she found the duel runner Jackie bought her. Crow had followed her and he saw that she had a deck and a duel runner went to find Yusei.
Mark of the Dragon: Zoey has the whole dragon
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Hawaii five-o season 1
Episode 24
Danny: All of those that think that is a certifiedly demented idea please raise you hand (looks and Kaye)Please raise your hand!
Kaye: Im new i Didn't think I got a vote.
Steve McGarrett: You don't get a vote. And the rest of you are forgetting that the five o is not a democracy it is a benevolent dictatorship ! Got it.
McGarrett: Why don't you just ask her out?
Chin: Miss Hills?
McG: No, the Governor. Who do you think? Every time we see Laura she's sexting you with her eyes.
McGarrett: I'd take powered eggs over your eggs any day.
Danno: My eggs? You love my eggs.
Danno: Out of the top ten dopiest suggestions you have ever had this is number one with a bullet.
Danno: All those of you who think that is a certifiably demented idea please raise your hand. [Looks at Jenna Kaye] Please raise your hand.
Kaye: I'm new. I didn't think I got a vote.
Danno: Why are you dressed like a ninja?
Jenna Kaye: That's crazy.
Danno: Welcome to my world.
Jenna Kaye: I like it. What do we do now
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NCIS LA quotes.
Episode 15
Sam: Why would you rob a bank if you already had millions of dollars?
G: It's gotta be something bigger than that.
Episode 16
Hetty to Eric on how he stopped the video: How did you do that!?
Eric:(I was just as lost as Hetty so i didnt catch what he said lol)
Hetty:In ENGLISH Mr. Eric!
Eric: I broke the internet.
Kensi:Seriously? Like the whole internet?
Eric: Yep.
Deeks: Even Twitter!?
Episode 6
Deeks: Hence the 10 year rule.
Kensi: Mhm?
Deeks: You should always know your partner at least 10 years prior to marrying them. You date me for a decade, you deserve my hand in marriage.
Kensi: That sounds so much more like a punishment than a reward.
Episode 3
Sam: (about Deeks)One of these days, I'm going to kill him.
Callen: Maybe he grows on you.
Sam: So does Ringworm.
Hetty: (To Nate as he leaves) Keep you wits sharp, your heart open and your gun loaded.
Callen: What's the safe word?
Sam: Headlock.
Callen: Really? Use headlock in a sentence.
Sam: I wasn't planning on using it.
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Zane VS Random moster!
Okay so I was watching Yu-gi-oh GX and this conversation came out between Zane (Hell Kaiser) and a monster under the Supreme King Jaden.
I don't own Yu-gi-oh GX or this conversation
The random monster just said something like he was going to win and Zane was going to the stars.
Zane- Well I got four cards in my hand that says otherwise! So what do you say? Let's see who was right and who was wrong?
Monster- My mouth can't flutter through that!
Zane- Then I guess I was right and you were wrong!
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The Scarred Duelist Chap. 5
Chapter 5
"ill explain later, but first we need to get her to stop bleeding." Zane said as he motions to atticus to but a towel on the couch.
"Zane were going to need ms. Fontaine." Atticus said.
"okay im going!" Zane yelled as he jumped the stair two by two and ran to the nurses office.
"Ms. Fontaine! Ms. Fontaine!" Zane yelled as he banged on the door.
The door opened and ms. Fontaine walked out. "What is it zane? Are you hurt?" She asked.
"No im not  hurt its poppi she's bleeding!"
Zane and ms. Fontaine ran to the obelisk mens dorms.
"Atticus move out of the way so ms. Fontaine can see poppi." Zane said.
Atticus moved out of the way as ms. Fontaine looked at the unconscious and bleeding girl.
"What happened to her?" She asked.
'does poppi want me to lie or tell the truth?' zane thought and he chose to lie.
"um… well she ran out into the forest and I went after her, but I lost her until I heard her yelling and that's how I found her like this." He said.
"well here's a
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The Scarred Duelist Chap.4
Chapter 4
Zane had watched everything, but he wasn't scared because Jaden could do the same thing, but Zane passed out from the pain.
The huge monster attacked her dad and he tripped over a root and fell, Knocked out.
Poppi walked over to Zane nudging him carefully with her foot to see if he's faking. He didn't wake so she tried again harder this time signing to really test him she stepped on his stomach.
A low groan was heard and her feet were swiped away causing her to land on her ass.
It wasn't until a moment later she realized she was in his lap. Looking at his face, she saw his eyes and a small smirk on his face.
He places his hands on her hips and she threw her hand across his face. His eyes widened in disbelief as his jaw dropped. Seeing his face she realized what she did and started trying to apologize to him, but Zane but his finger to her mouth to quiet her, then she tried to get off of him but his arms kept her there.
She felt his hands on her lower back, then go up to the c
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Untitled Fanfic Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Atticus walked into the room with a 'WTF happen and who was that?' face on.
"All I know was that was Poppi Yuki and that I raised my hand to shake hers but as soon as I did she ran out and well you know the rest." Zane relied to his face.
"Well she ran into the forest so you might want to go after her, because the forest is full of thing someone who's new to the island might hurt themselves on." Atticus said pointing out to the forest.
"Thanks." Zane said running out of the dorm room and down the stairs.
"Poppi! Where are you?" Zane yelled at the entrance of the forest.
Deep in the forest Poppi ran into someone she never wanted to see again, her dad.
"Hi Poppi remember me? It's your loving dad. Do you remember that I swore revenge on you? Yeah well that's way here today!" He said as he pulled out a knife. "So be a good girl and come here!"
Poppi stayed rooted to the ground.
"Poppi, there you are!!" Zane yelled as he burst out of the bush, running up to her. "And who's that?"
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Untitled Fanfic Chap. 2
Chapter 2
Poppi sat in the boat that was heading to Duel Academy. She was a little nervous about staying with guys.
'What if their like my dad? What if their worse? Maybe Dr. Crowler was kidding because he did laugh at the end? Poppi quit scaring yourself!' She thought to herself.
The boat stopped at the dock. Poppi stood up and looked around before getting off. As she walked off the boat she saw a sign that said 'Obelisk blue men's dorms' so Poppi followed the path.
When  she got to the dorm room, nobody was there. Just as she threw her bag on the bottom bunk another bag landed beside hers. "the bottom bunk is mine." A male voice said. "um... s-sorry b-but I need the bottom bunk." Poppi said turning around.
"Um… I think your lost because… never mind, you must be Poppi, the girl whose going to be staying with us," he said. "Oh Im Zane and the other guy here is Atticus." Zane said raising his hand to shake hers. Poppi leapt back and cowered. Poppi looked at the open
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Untitled Fanfiction. Chapter one
Chapter 1
"Poppi Yuki please come to the arena!! Dr. Crowler called.                                                                                   Poppi slowly walked to the arena. She was scared, when she was younger her dad abused her, she suffered 10 years of abuse so when her grandmother saw all the cuts and bruises she took responsibility for her, but her father swore revenge and now she has a fear of men and has a hard time trusting them.
"Let's duel!" They both said(Lifepoints:4000)              
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Teen Werewolves
A figure was at the mouth of the cave.
"Sam look someone is at the door."Jesse whispered.
Sam grabbed his dagger and leaped at the figure at the door but the figure was faster and before Jesse knew there was a dagger around her neck.
"Hel....p m....e..Sa…m."Whispered Jesse.
"Sam put the dagger down."The voice said.
Sam stopped in surprise he dropped his dagger and stared and the kid.
"Kiba is that you?"
"Yep!"Kiba said letting go of the dagger around Jesse neck.
"Hey Sam whose this?" Jesse asked rubbing her neck.
"Jesse James meet Kiba Wolfe."
Kiba cleared his throat.
"Right, Kiba is a werewolf."
"Not a werewolf."Kiba said.
"Sorry Kiba, Jesse he's a white werewolf."Sam said in a sarcastic voice
Kiba punched Sam.
"Sorry but what's the difference between a werewolf and a white werewolf?"Jesse asked.
"The difference is that white werewolves are mystical and magical."Kiba said.
"Magic but how?"Jesse asked.
"I'll show you."Kiba said "Sam will you help me?"
"Sure, I haven't been
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Sam Coby
"Dad stop that please!" 15 year old Jesse James cried as her Dad hooked her 5 month old German Shepherd puppy to the back of the truck and was starting up the engine.
"Jesse you don't   care about this puppy and you never ever gave it a name." Calvin James, Jesse's Dad replied.
"Please Dad stop he's hurt and he stopped running... " Jesse stop talking because she fell out of the truck but before she fell unconscious she saw a figure pick her up.
Three days later Jesse woke up. She was inside a cave she looked at the wall there were shelves of first aid, dog food, treats and human food. Jesse looked around and found the entrance she tried to stand up but fell then heard a voice say "Don't stand up again or you might get hurt." Jesse looked to where the voice came from. In the entrance was a boy 15 or 16 standing there."Wh...Who are you?"  Jesse asked a little scared and nervous for the answer but she didn't know why she felt like that.
"My name is Sam Coby. When
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Watch Wolf by BlackWolfHeartnet Watch Wolf :iconblackwolfheartnet:BlackWolfHeartnet 0 0 Star Gazing by BlackWolfHeartnet Star Gazing :iconblackwolfheartnet:BlackWolfHeartnet 0 0 RayEarth by BlackWolfHeartnet RayEarth :iconblackwolfheartnet:BlackWolfHeartnet 0 0 Please forgive me by BlackWolfHeartnet Please forgive me :iconblackwolfheartnet:BlackWolfHeartnet 0 0


Here's To Your Perfect Weapon6
Chapter Six;
Jess POV;
Andy's face dropped, why?
"I went out with Dennis after you guys left, I was lonely… and he was there." I whispered, afraid that if I spoke any louder that he would find out about my lie.
"Hm" Andy mused, "Care to explain what happened to him?"
I sighed, "After you left, I was lonely, and Dennis was the only friend I had, so after awhile he asked me out… At first I didn't know what to say… so I accepted, It was fun I guess. But after awhile, he left. To become preppy" I said bitterly, remembering how Andy and the others said that he was a poser, but they weren't harsh enough to kick him out of our little group.
"It's okay" Andy whispered, hugging me tight.
"I feel so stupid" I murmured.
"You shouldn't, your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met, you understand everyone, even if you've never talked to them before. I think you're amazing"
I blushed deeply.
Andy POV;
I smiled at Jess's blush. She was cute, and really beautiful.
Then I thought
:iconpandakatie:PandaKatie 6 9
Fifty Shades of Andley - Chapter 1
Andy's P.O.V
"Now you have my mobile number don't you?"
I smiled as my room mate and best friend, Christian Coma asked me the same question that he had done about less then five minutes ago. Christian was an insanely huge panickier, especially about the safety and welfare of yours truly, but that's what made me love him immensely so.
"Yes Chuppy, For the thousandth time," I chucked and punched him playfully on the arm.
He grinned at me, his hundred  megawatt smile. "I know, I just get so-"
"Panicked? Terrified? Scared?" I teased, arching one plucked eyebrow at him.
He laughed, a great booming sound which echoed off the metal walls of the elevator. "Precisely,"
The elevator came to a smooth stop and the doors slid open to reveal a new Manhattan morning. We stepped out in sync and Christian automatically gripped my upper arm in his hand, I rolled my eyes fondly at his over protective gesture and let him lead me to the double doors which was the entrance to the block of f
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 106 51
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi? - Andley
Ashley's P.O.V
I sighed agitatedly and glanced at my watch, for what seemed like the hundredth time this minute.
He was late.
'He' meaning my newest servant, Andy, was late.
I growled and drummed my fingers on the desk which I sat behind. He'd never been this late before, even during his first week here he had always been as punctual as he could. My nostrils flared angrily when I wondered if one of my many butlers had chanced upon the time to bump into my delectable little one, I wouldn't put it past them to do it, I'd seen the way some of them had salivated over him.
The only slight problem with Andy was he didn't speak a word of English, a true Frenchman. Fortunately he understood small words of what I said to him such as; 'sit', 'bend', 'yes' and 'no' but not much else. Hence why he was now in my care, all other leaders of our coven hadn't wanted a servant who could comprehend what they were ordering them to do, others had been too naïve and had rejected him simply because he w
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 72 50
Chapter 16 ~This could be love ANDLEY
This could be love
Chapter 16
Ashley’s POV
I began to walk beside Sandra, apparently today was different from a normal day, as tomorrow was a day off for teacher something or other, eh whatever it was I didn’t really care. As we walked, I began to evolve into the silence, was it just me or did Sandra not talk very much? Maybe she disliked me? Then again she did talk to me in class, so maybe she just wants to go get her lunch… yeah probably, or maybe she’s on that girl thing… wow Ash you need to stop thinking things too much, maybe this is why she isn’t talking to you, oh no what if she is a mind reader. Well if that’s the case I am most indeed fucked. Well I think as first days go, so far this one has been pretty damn eventful.
“PURDY!” Sandra yelled although she wasn’t within my peripheral.
“Yeah” I spun round, Sandra was stood in the doorway to the cafete
:iconjess7-spzytd-bvb:Jess7-SpzyTD-BVB 9 11
Chapter10~This Could Be Love ANDLEY
This could be love
Chapter 10
Ashley's POV
So I guess Andy wasn't that much into physical contact. I was getting there, he'd have to accept me at one point, I was in the band after all. I'm rather certain he thinks I'm insane, all I do is stare at him, and smile, god I sound like such a girl. I just couldn't take my eyes off him though, he was beautiful, his eyes, his lips, his hair , his…well…everything. If I had him, I would be happy forever, I wouldn't ask anything of anyone, for once in my life I would achieve complete happiness. I have never, just liked someone on the spot, ever I've always got to know someone before I liked them, but Andy was different.
I felt myself falling behind once more, so I jogged to catch up to Andy. He was like a giraffe, his long legs made it impossible for me to keep up with him, I'd hate to see him walking fast, his legs were moving slowly ,but each step covered way more ground than three of my steps. I think if I followed this boy around fo
:iconjess7-spzytd-bvb:Jess7-SpzyTD-BVB 15 4
Lips Of An Angel Chapter.4
(Andy’s POV)
Matt is here! Oh my father, why!? Matt is one of Satins sons and he is infatuated with me! When his father asked mine for a marriage to settle differences mine agreed, until I came to him crying with bruises all over me. I had spent a few days with matt to try to get to know him, and in that time he raped and abused me. My father was so enraged he actually froze hell, until I told him to stop because he could endanger the balance. This was one of the reasons my father was so happy about me being on earth so much. He watched over Ashley for almost a month before deciding that he liked him. He watched how he treated me, what he would do for me, how he would talk to and about be, and especially how he would touch me. He loved Ashley. He saw how he would bring me flowers, saw how he would open doors and pull out chairs for me; saw how he would talk like I was the most beautiful thing in the world and he saw how he would touch me as if I was glass. He LOVED Ashley. Ashley
:iconbloodshottales:BloodshotTales 12 17
|Rebel Love Song| Andy Biersack {LS} Chapter 2
I woke up to the loud banging coming from the outside of my bedroom door. As i turned to look at my clock '8:00Am, WTF whoever was on the other side of that door better have a good damn reason why there waking me up this fucking early'.
Getting up groggily, i swung my legs over my bed grabbing my White fluffy robe' pulling it on, wrapping it around me, keeping the warmth close to my body. I stomped over to my bedroom door swinging it open to see my brother, "What the actual FUCK!! it's 8:00am Ash why'd you wake me up", i stood there glaring daggers at him.
"Get your ass in gear! Get fucking dressed, were going shopping!" He said as he started to walk away.
I Popped my head outside my door, to see most of the guys doing the same' probably wondering what all the commotion was about, "And what makes you think im going Purdy Boy!" I half shouted at him.
He turned around on the heel of his Studded boots, A small devious smirk playing on his lips "Because if you don't...I'll sell your goddam
:iconbeckyblueeyes12:BeckyBlueEyes12 17 8
TW: What the Hell is a Stiles? by cannorachan TW: What the Hell is a Stiles? :iconcannorachan:cannorachan 96 6
Vampire Heart - Chapter 1
Vampire Heart
Chapter 1 . A Hunting We Will Go
By Chelsea Paige Cleveland
A few months ago, Sam and Dean Winchester had been looking into a series of murders . During this, they had met a girl named Raven Dupree. The strange part had been that she already knew of them. She had explained that her father had been a hunter as well, and also their Father's brother. David Dupree, Raven's father, had been brother to John Winchester. Though they hadn't seen each other in many years. They had different last names due to one having gone with their mother, and one went with their father. John and David's parents had spilt up when David had been 9 and John had been 10.
So, Dean and Sam found they had two other alive relatives. Raven's father had disappeared though. As to how, she didn't know .
After they had solved what had been murdering people, this time it being a fire demon or sorts, Raven had ended up traveling with them
:iconchelsea666akasha:chelsea666akasha 2 6
My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf (Version 1) by JasonDriskill My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf (Version 1) :iconjasondriskill:JasonDriskill 642 72
Sleeping wolf 3
Sleeping wolf 3
Sage's POV
The walk to Derek's place didn't take long. "Nice place."I commented when I saw the old ruin of a burned house doom up in front of me. "It used to be."Derek replied. "What happend?"I wanted to know, glancing at the blue eyed werewolf. "Hunter."he simply answered and pushed open the front door.
We followed him towards what seemed to be the livingroom. "Okay, the first-aid kit is in the kitchen underneath the counter."Derek instructed. "I'll get it."Stiles offered and took off. Scott on his turn placed Pup on one of the couches and inspected his wounds. "It may need stitches."he concluded. "No it won't."I said and took from my bag a small pot filled with a white colored ointment.
"If you just use this and then bandage the wounds up, they will all be healed tomorrow."I told him. "It works for animals aswell as humans.". "A Werewolf's healingpower but then slower."Stiles remarked as he returned with the first-aid kit.
"Sit down, then I'll take care of your arm an
:iconstarbreese:starbreese 8 12
GRIMM OC preview by CryingGypsy GRIMM OC preview :iconcryinggypsy:CryingGypsy 8 12
Ghostrunner 15
Ghostrunner 15
Sammy's POV
We were about ten minutes in our search when Avery's voice could be heared through the communicators. "Guys, I have movement at my side of the roofs."he said. "About 1,75 m tall and dressed in black.". As he said this discription, the suspect switched sides what caused that he landed the roof a head of me. "Got him."I told the team as I started the chase. "I'll try to lure him to the roof of the mainhangar.". "We'll be waiting there for you."Steve assured me.
I jumped from roof to roof with the flexibilaty of a cat, keeping my eyes on the figure clothed in black that ran a few meters before me. Just as I thought he went to the roof of the mainhangar. I knew however that my team still needed some time to reach us so from the moment my feet hitted the said roof, I pulled out my gun and aimed it at the guy in front of me.
"Wing I presume?"I asked him. "Samira Jaxon."he said in a raspy voice. "Long time no see.". I frowned confused. He knew me not only by my code
:iconstarbreese:starbreese 3 5
Sleeping wolf 1
Fanfic of Teen Wolf
Sleeping wolf 1
Scott's POV
"I don't know why we even bother to show up for this class."Stiles complained when he slipped into his seat at my right while Allison did the same on my left. "First of all, it's art and secondly, the teacher is sick.". "I heard they found someone to replace mr. Cain."Allison pointed out. "And since most of the lacrosse team is ditching this class, I thought it would be nice for our new teacher if he atleast had some students in his class.".
"A hunter with a heart."Stiles joked what caused that Allison smiled. "Hey, teachers are people too."she defended. That was the moment Lydia entered the class together with some other girls. I was almost suprised that Jackson wasn't with her but then again... Allison did say most of the lacrosse team ditched art so Jackson wouldn't be an exception on that.
The bell rang and a girl, only a few years older then me walked in with a colorful officebag. She was wearing a ripped jeans and a black thanktop c
:iconstarbreese:starbreese 12 33
Back to you, back to us 3
Back to you, back to us 3
Jayden's POV
I watched confused how Abby walked away. "Who was that?"Kevin asked. "Abigail Dawson."Mentor Ji replied. "Abby."I corrected him. "Jayden and I know her from when we were little."Antonio decided to add. "Her parents were also Samurai.". "Then why didn't she follow in their footsteps?"Mia wanted to know. "She did, only on the wrong way."Mentor Ji answered and walked towards the livingroom. I quickly caught up with him. "You knew it was Abby."I pointed out. "That's why you sended me. I just don't know why you choose to send me or why she walked away saying 'purple phoenix'. What's going on Ji?".
My mentor sighed. "As I said, a friend of mine sended me a message concerning Abigail. After her dad died... She got lost until Toran found her.". "Who's that?"Antonio asked. He and the rest of my team had followed me towards the livingroom. "Toran used to be a student of mine but he never would be a real Samurai because it wasn't in his heart. So Toran quite
:iconstarbreese:starbreese 1 7
Finite Incantatem
I grinned, feeling the fabric of my towel rubbing against my now tanned backside. I let the sun enveloped me, covering me from my head to toes in a cascade of sun rays.  I was suddenly wrenched out of my happy sanctum as multiple coins were thrown against my head. I grimaced in pain before shooting my best friend, Maggie, a glare as she grinned at me- a soft chuckle escaping her lips.
"Come on, slave. Go get me a piece of candy." She said, while I brushed the sand off of the back of my legs. I was moving today, to a town called `Beacon Hill' far from my nesty metropolis. In honour of my leaving, Maggie and I have decided to dedicate my final day at the beach, the place where our beautiful friendship began. Moving towards the tall, outdoors emporium I was able to locate a small vending machine near the disgusting restrooms. Sliding some coins into the rusty machine, I entered in the two digits to snag myself a Reese's Pieces, only to have the old contraption break on me. Scowl
:iconarduousjourney:ArduousJourney 6 2

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So, I'm back and hopefully staying...
I've missed everyone and I'm ready for the comments of yelling to come...

Once again, I'm sorry that it's taken a long time for me to come back!


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